August 15, 2006


Tausig 4:36
LAT 4:05
NYS 3:52
CS 3:34
NYT 3:15

Kind of an unusual layout for the theme in Kevan Choset's NYT—the first across entry's down in the sixth row, and the three acrosses are joined physically and thematically by a central vertical entry. Good puzzle, but I'm sleepy and heading to bed without doing any other crosswords (the Sun and Tausig puzzles) tonight—I'm not farklempt, but talk amongst yourselves.


Ben Tausig's puzzle, "Ladies First," performs a sex-change operation on his theme entries, turning an initial HE into SHE—never to better effect than in SHEATH LEDGER, the "Accounting book for a sword case?" This puzzle roused me out of the semiconscious state I was in when I did the Sun, LA Times, and CrosSynergy puzzles (I liked 'em all, but can't be more specific than that—tendinitis is stealing sleep from me and making me dopey) with a few entries that seemed addressed to me personally. "Sore point, for some" = AGE? Yup. "Vanilla, botanically" is an ORCHID—hey! A friend sent me a slew of white orchids for my birthday. "What you are if today is your birthday" is also true for yesterday: LEO. And besides great clues, there's URKEL! Wait, that last one doesn't speak to me at all. I swear.

Confidential to Madonna: Happy 48th birthday!