September 20, 2005

Dream team

Any Stamford veteran probably has a short list of names they'd like to see in the ACPT puzzle constructor bylines. Here's my line-up:

Puzzle 1, the easiest 15x15: Let's go young and fresh with someone like Ben Tausig or Michael Shteyman.

Puzzle 2, a tougher 17x17: How about Harvey Estes? I like his tougher puzzles best.

Puzzle 3, a not-so-fearsome 19x19: Patrick Merrell's always good, always smooth.

Puzzle 4, a more challenging 15x15: I vote for Frank Longo, if he can be lured out of competing. Frank has proved his constructing talents at every difficulty level, so really, he could make any of the tournament puzzles.

Puzzle 5, the deadly 17x17: I like the way Byron Walden does deadly. Can you hear the outburst of aggrieved groans if his name were announced as Puzzle 5's constructor?

Puzzle 6, a 19x19 allowing recovery from Puzzle 5: Tradition dictates Maura Jacobson in this slot, doesn't it? Works for me.

Puzzle 7, a 21x21 for all the marbles, separating the wheat from the chaff: How about an editor/constructor like Mike Shenk,
Peter Gordon, or Rich Norris?

The Finals Puzzle: Since I seriously doubt I'll make the A finals next March, let's work the finalists over with a wicked contribution from Sherry O. Blackard or Bob Peoples.

Who's on your dream team?