September 18, 2005

Other Sunday crosswords

Patrick Jordan shows how to make an easy themeless puzzle interesting, and also doesn't sacrifice high-quality fill in the pursuit of a pangram. (Patrick, did you set out trying for a pangram, or did it develop organically?) The clues were good but, this being a CrosSynergy puzzle, not so hard. The fill features CURLING UP, KRAZY GLUE, "NO SEX Please, We're British" (maybe NO SEX isn't stellar fill, but when the clue and answer amuse me, I can forgive it), POMADED, TREMOLO, and PARABLE.

Lynn Lempel's Washington Post puzzle features swapped homophone pairs, such as STRIP STAKES and SWEEP STEAKS, while "Gia Christian" (a Rich Norris pseudonym) contrives phrases with AU AU in the middle, such as MATTHAU AUDACITY, in the LA Times.

LAT 9:35
WaPo 8:39
CS 3:52