September 12, 2005

Tuesday brings two puzzles from Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke—the digestive theme in the NYT and the skeptical-remark theme in the LAT. Oddly, both puzzles include YALE with similar clues: "Where Bill met Hillary" in the LAT, "Where the Clintons met" in the NYT. It's a great clue, but I think Stella and Bruce will have to swear off that particular concept now.

I wasn't crazy about the long non-theme entries in the NYT—REALIZABLE and NONETHICAL don't lend a ton of zip—but did enjoy the theme: BITES, CHEWS, SWALLOWS, and DIGESTS. If the Times weren't a family newspaper, perhaps there would have been a fifth theme entry? (GARBAGE DUMPS?) I liked ART DECO clued as "Erte forte." And Stella, who loves all things purple, must have liked having LILAC clued as "Purplish."

In another two-for-Tuesday deal, Both the NYS and CrosSynergy puzzles are by Sarah Keller today.

NYS 3:55
LAT 3:25
NYT 3:21
CS 3:07