September 26, 2005


Kevan Choset pays homage to the theory of relativity in Tuesday's NYT, with E, =, M, C, and squared all clued and answered inventively, and tied together by EINSTEIN FORMULA crossing them all vertically (78 theme squares—that's a heckuva lot, isn't it?). In addition to the ably executed theme, we've got entries like ST OLAF (crosstown rival of my alma mater), OH BOTHER (very Winnie the Pooh), and LIVE BAIT.

Okay, Jangler, I give up trying to figure out what sort of themes you like. Probably don't much care for the NYS puzzle by that Jeffrey Harris fellow, eh? I liked the altered pronunciation/meaning theme, personally, and a number of clues/entries, such as "London and Berlin, e.g." clue for SURNAMES, INNER EAR, LARAINE Newman (ah, nostalgia), and "Mastermind pieces" for PEGS.

Updated: I don't know. I think 7 a.m. is a little on the early side for Mel Rosen's CrosSynergy puzzle, "Mixology 101." It's too easy to misread the drink recipe embedded within and think that you have to mix in some ARMY ANTS and then SCREAM AT the glass.

NYS 5:14
NYT 4:24
CS 3:22
LAT 2:52