September 06, 2005

Okay, I've done three of the Wednesday puzzles in the last 15 minutes and...I've got nothing to say about any of them.

Open forum time: Feel free to throw out any random cavils or kudos about anything relating to crosswords. Surely somebody's got something to say?


Ben Tausig's puzzle for this week, "School's In," has a theme of people with colleges for last names. "Character in shorts" = DAISY DUKE, of course. RON HOWARD and JERRY RICE are there, as is RALPH REED. Ben gets double bonus points for bundling a granola liberal arts college with the clue, "conservative politician who wrote 'Gandhi: Ninny of the 20th Century.'" The non-theme fill has plenty of goodies: SPRAY CAN ("tagger's tool"), OLD BAG ("insult to grandma"—ouch), EYESORE, RED SCARE, E COLI, LESTAT, ARTEST, and a QUEER/OUT pairing. I rather liked "penguin scourge" as a clue for ORCA, as well.

Tausig 4:12
NYS 4:02
CS 3:37
NYT 3:33
LAT 3:27