October 18, 2005

Ben Tausig's Inkwell

Now that the past couple months' worth of Ben Tausig's Inkwell puzzles are available thanks to Martin Herbach, you can get caught up before the puzzles are added to Will Johnston's Puzzle Pointers page. Or if you want the Across Lite puzzles to land in your in-box each week, sign up here.

This week's puzzle, "Play Calling," features a theme of game-show catchphrases that I found surprisingly elusive until the "Price Is Right" entry came along. Great clues include "Paper tiger, say" for ORIGAMI, "O.J. matter" for PULP, "This is hell" for HADES, and "Takeout general" for TSO. And poor KENNYG is clued as "Noted one-note wonder." I always enjoy Ben's puzzles, so I'm glad they're getting a little more play.

Tausig 4:39