October 02, 2005

Playing catch-up

Sun NYT 8:25 (Randolph Ross's "One for the Books"—hey, I've actually read three or four, or maybe five, of those books!)
Sun CS 5:48 (Bob Klahn's Sunday Challenge—tougher than most CS puzzles)
Sun LAT 8:22 (Raymond Hamel's "Alliterative Alliances")
9/2 CHE 4:57 (Richard Silvestri's "All the Right Schools"—"I was a dance major at" DISCO TECH? Har har!)
9/9 CHE 4:27 (Vic Fleming's "Taxa Returns"—they're ba-a-a-ack)

Mon NYT 3:04 (Roy Leban—man, it would have been 2:57 without that one typo)
Mon NYS tba
Mon LAT tba
Mon CS tba