October 15, 2005

I always enjoy Con Pederson's puzzles when I see them (mostly in the Wall Street Journal?) and the Sunday NYT is no exception. I'm sure there are plenty of other good on/off entries that could have gone in the puzzle if any of the theme entries hadn't worked out. How about "Leno's request to plastic surgeon?" TAKE IT OFF THE CHIN.

This puzzle had a couple entries that were new to me. 49 Across, REA, was the Rural Electrification Administration FDR initiated in 1935. I wonder how many small-town people doing the NYT puzzle online owe their electricity to this government initiative... Down at 122 Across, the paving stones called SETTS would appear to be largely a British thing, based on a cursory Googling. This site has a lovely description of setts, complete with mention of kerb-stones and lolly sticks.


If you're a Joe DiPietro fan, you might like today's LA Times puzzle.

NYT 9:33
LAT 8:37
CS 3:48