October 04, 2005


Nancy Salomon's NYT features a Bob Seger lyric that never did make much sense. As much as I deplore the general concept of the quip puzzle, the world of lyrics offers an embarrassment of riches and wrongness to be mined for future quip puzzles. Start counting up the letters, people, and find some symmetrical phrase lengths. There must be a couple generations of solvers who would get a kick out of, say, some Styx, Men at Work, Air Supply, or Pointer Sisters lyrics. Anyone? No? Then how about the Beatles or The Who?

Larry Paul's Sun puzzle has a Dolly Parton quip that I've seen before. My favorite clue? "Does, as dos" for STYLES.

People are already talking about Frank Longo's fabulously twisted Friday Sun puzzle. Shall I hold off until Thursday night, as usual, or start raving about it a day or two early?


I liked Sarah Keller's CrosSynergy, "The Four R's." Case in point: theme entry NUCLEAR BRAN.

Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke serve up a supplement to Schoolhouse Rock with today's LAT on NOUNs, and manage to get some good 7-letter fill in there.

Ben Tausig's puzzle, "Moonlighting," has a clever theme, fresh clues (note 2D dispenses with the usual "___ even keel"), and plenty of good fill.

NYS 4:56
Tausig 4:49
NYT 3:33
LAT 3:29
CS 3:10