October 31, 2005

Sarah Keller's cinematic-themed Tuesday NYT seemed easier than the Monday puzzle. The two highlights, for me, were "How's it hangin', bro?" for SUP and the centrally placed Rosa PARKS. (I'll bet you a dollar Will changed the clue from the original in honor of the recently departed civil rights legend.)

When I did Joe Bower's Tuesday NYS, "Reset the Clock," on Monday morning, I must not have had my mojo working because it took me over 5 minutes. I didn't glom onto the theme quickly, and then there were opaque clues like "codpiece, essentially" for FLAP. (FLAP? Codpiece? Really? Okay, whatever.) Joe the car salesman had VETTE and ISUZU, not to mention FT DODGE. "Film with a memorable shower scene" was PSYCHO, of course; what does it say about American cinema that the best-known shower scene involves more blood than soap? Hollywood must remedy this.

It would appear that the LA Times puzzles are no longer being provided in the Across Lite format we all know and love, so they'll be dropping out of my daily rotation. I'll just have to fill that half hour a week with the many puzzle books I've acquired...

NYS 5:11
CS 3:07
NYT 2:55