January 02, 2006


Cute NYT puzzle from Lynn Lempel. All these years I've been eating cole slaw, I've never been tempted to pronounce it as if it were COLE'S LAW—until now. This is one of those themes that make me wish I'd had the idea first, because it looks like it would have been fun to concoct a list of candidates for the theme entries.

I've been in New York Sun withdrawal since early last week. Here's hoping this week's puzzles are posted first thing in the morning so I can binge again...


The Tuesday Sun by Anthony Salvia has been posted, but I haven't seen the next three days' puzzles—anyone else get 'em yet? I liked the puzzle, "Capital Liquidity," because of my fondness for geography themes (blue is my favorite Trivial Pursuit color) and anagrams. The bonus is some top-notch fill, such as TOKLAS, ERSATZ, and TIP JAR (which doesn't show up in the Cruciverb database, despite showing up on so many café counters. Now I'm supposed to tip someone for selling me a dish of ice cream? Feh.)

NYT 3:35
Tausig tba?
LAT 3:21
NYS 3:03
CS 2:23