January 04, 2006

Would you like to play a game?

No, it's not a WarGames reference. It's an invitation to play a theme game.

Tuesday's NYT puzzle by Lynn Lempel featured BUCK'S KIN (clued as "Family for Pearl?"), WHITE'S ALE, COLE'S LAW, HEAD'S TART, and SAND'S TONE. In each of these, the first part is a famous person's surname, and together the two parts can also be read as a well-known one- or two-word term. Lee Glickstein says there are likely 100 or more other candidates for this type of theme, and he's already got a list of 20 good ones. So let's play in the HaloScan comments party room. Write clues (with enumeration), guess answers, or both. We'll stop when we reach 100.

To start us off, here are two from Lee's list:

1. Dad for Doris? (6)

2. Jack-of-all-trades for Rich? (13)