January 09, 2006


In Randall Hartman's Sun puzzle, "O Yeah," I was delighted to see a color clue that wasn't another mystifying Peter Gordon oddball color clue—I can't say I've ever heard of "sea pink," but it sounds like a fair description of CORAL. "Boy toy" is a cute clue for GI JOE, as is "What you never want to hear a mohel say" for OOPS.

David Kahn sure crammed a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber entries into his NYT puzzle, didn't he? Four 4-letter words, the 6/5/6 name, and the four 10's. "You might get a ticket for doing this" is a fun clue for EIGHTY, but all the stuff about the musicals? Eh, not my thing.

NYS 3:45
LAT 3:44
NYT 3:42
CS 3:05