January 28, 2006

Wordplay media roundup #2

From an article in today's NYT comes this quote: Jonathan D. Sehring, president of IFC Films described his purchase of Wordplay rights as the coup of Sundance. According to the Times, Sehring said Wordplay could be the second most commercial film to emerge from Sundance after Little Miss Sunshine (a Steve Carell movie), given the tens of millions of people who do crosswords. "We bought a movie that may not do [March of the] Penguins business, but should do Mad Hot Ballroom business," said Sehring. (Mad Hot Ballroom grossed about $8 million, compared to $77 million for Penguins. Aw, c'mon! We can do better than $8 mil!)

There's also an audio interview with Doug Blush, the editor of Wordplay, here.

Hat tip to Ellen for the links.