January 16, 2006

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

Look at that, the Tuesday Sun puzzle by Steve Salmon includes RUBY. (If you can think of a song title that includes "Wednesday" and a word found in one of the Wednesday puzzles, I'll give you a dollar.) I like the "Pleonasms" theme of redundant phrases, and I like spoonerizing "pleonasm" to "neoplasm." This puzzle also launches two new 8-letter entries, HAS IT OUT and FIXING UP.

Nancy Salomon's NYT gathers four ways of saying "I dunno." I HAVENT GOT A CLUE would also fit nicely in place of CLUELESS REPLIES, though perhaps Nancy tried it and the fill wouldn't work. Seeing BROWSE at 6D clued as "look without buying" makes me wonder if that meaning of the word will disappear over time, thanks to web browsers usurping the word...

Updated: Raymond Hamel's CrosSynergy puzzle pays tribute to the late Richard Pryor. Somehow he manages to include one or two Pryor movie titles that don't ring a bell with me—but fortunately, he leaves out the troubling movie, The Toy.

Ben Tausig's "Triple Play" had a gimmicky theme involving a numeral, plus the lively fill and fresh clues that are hallmarks of Ben's style. Nuff said?

Tausig 3:48
NYS 3:45
CS 3:38
LAT 3:29
NYT 3:08