January 26, 2006

Wordplay media roundup

Interview with Patrick Creadon: Hmm, I think this info predates the film festival: Our goals for the festival are fairly modest - we hope to see a lot of films, meet a lot of the other filmmakers, and have fun with our friends and family that are coming out to support "Wordplay." We are confident that "Wordplay" has a broad audience, and we're hoping to find an opportunity at Sundance to bring the film to them. Anything beyond this will be icing on the cake." Patrick, consider your cake iced.

Reuters talks to IFC Films: IFC's Jonathan Sehring added that IFC thought the box office prospects were good simply because the film was "smart and funny" and because of the portrayals of real-life crossword fanatics such as former President Bill Clinton and comedian Jon Stewart.

Film Threat review: [For] crossword puzzle fanatics..."Wordplay" will be hot, steamy porn. For others, watching people scribble furiously on a sheet of paper will be as exciting as watching paint dry. Put me in the porn camp, please.

Variety review: Buoyant and exhilaratingly brainy... a moving and eloquent valentine to the English language...comes through with an intellectually and emotionally wrenching climax that Hollywood couldn't have scripted better [Hey! Shout-out to Al Sanders!] IFC Films should have no trouble positioning this irresistible item as an arthouse draw with serious crossover potential.

Review from Cinematical.com: Wordplay has all the gravitas of lint. You want gravitas? Try one of the Sundance documentaries about the Iraq war. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking a movie called Wordplay might be more...playful. And wordy.