January 25, 2006

Pictures from Sundance

You know what? I'm not ready to return you to your regularly scheduled programming. I've got about 15 crosswords I downloaded but haven't done yet, so the typical Crossword Fiend content remains on hold. But before they're old news, I've got to post my pictures from Sundance.

Will Shortz has been termed "a national treasure," and he's got to be the single most famous person in crossworddom. When such a luminary becomes the subject of a motion picture and attends a film festival, you probably figure he'll settle for only the finest accommodations. That's Tyler Hinman in the top bunk, Will down below, and a daybed off to the side (see next photo) for their roomie, Dean Olsher:

After the premiere screening of Wordplay, the stars (from left, Al Sanders, Tyler Hinman, Trip Payne, Ellen Ripstein, Merl Reagle, and Will Shortz) took the stage for an audience Q&A:

Later that afternoon, we all occupied space at Will's book signing and neglected to buy any NYT puzzle books. (Hey, we've done all the NYT puzzles already.) So why not hold up the line of paying customers by taking pictures? Here's one of me, Will, and Byron Walden, who of course constructed the 2005 ACPT final puzzle that was the source of such cinematic drama:

After Monday's screening out at the Sundance Resort, there was another Q&A session, after which the Wordplay editor Doug Blush, producer Christine O'Malley, Al, director Patrick Creadon, associate producer Michael Creadon, Tyler, Ellen, and Merl posed for the camera. The brothers Creadon are sporting their Wordplay caps—caps we'd all gladly buy if only they were available. (I believe only 10 such hats were made.)

Then Glenn Close mingled:

At Monday night's Cinetic party at Zoom, the official photographer took a zillion pictures with famous and not-so-famous people. Here's one I took of Brian Dominy (sorry I caught you with your eyes closed), Trip, Al, Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, and editor Doug:

Closing out my Sundance experience, here are Stella, me, Tyler, and Dean taking the shuttle back to the Puzzle Palace after the Zoom party:

Last but not least, here's one of the badges promoting the movie. My five-year-old son suggested that it should include a sound button that, when pressed, says "The crossword movie was great."