February 01, 2006

Ah, Thursday

You know what? Between the three blue margaritas over dinner (what is that, a Windex/tequila Slurpee?) and waiting until after 11 p.m. to do the NYT puzzle, I'm too sleepy to write intelligently. Thursday puzzle by Byron Walden, lovely as usual, such a clever fellow.

In Randall Hartman's Sun puzzle ("What the Ell?"), the theme entries make a 90° turn at the [ELL] rebus. Super-nifty!

Remind to write more in the morning, will you?


Karen Tracey's LA Times puzzle is pretty good. The theme entries are supplemented with lively fill, such as WAITED UP, OLD GEEZER, MOVES IN, and the five-consonant MCGRAW. There's also the unfamiliar SEIDEL, "mug with a hinged lid." The main definition seems to be "large beer glass," as seen here, but the term also appears to cover this.

As mentioned in the comments, I got stuck in the Sun puzzle where the two central entries cross on an [ELL]—those entries aren't excused from the 90°-turn gimmick.

Byron's NYT contains a bunch of new entries—all the 9-letter ones, I believe, plus the partial A MOTH and the variant-spelling DUFUS. According to the Cruciverb.com database, Byron has used OLEO before, in a Sun puzzle where it was clued "creation of Hippolyte Mège-Mouriez." "Promise kept in a tub, perhaps" is much more fun. (Am I the only one thinking of Last Tango in Paris now? It's unfortunate.)

NYS 6:07
NYT 4:19
LAT 3:27
CS 3:20