February 08, 2006

It's time to throw down

I was sporting my gang insignia today (a Wordplay button) when I walked into a chocolate shop in Evanston. The woman behind the counter inquired, "What's that about?"

"There's a documentary about crossword puzzles that'll be coming out in a few months."

"Where will it be shown? PBS?" she asked. (As if!)

"No, it'll be playing in theaters in a few months. It premiered at Sundance last month and got picked up for distribution. You laugh, you cry—it's a fun movie."

"You're talking about crossword puzzles? You get mad, you swear, you make up your own answers," she said. (Heathen!)

"[Gasp!] Never!"

"It's Sunday and I can do whatever I want with the damn crossword," she barked. (The heathen is no longer oriented to space and time, having leapt ahead a few days in her mind.)

Apparently there are those who enjoy crosswords, those who can't or don't do crosswords, and those who will do them but dammit, they're not going to enjoy them.