February 20, 2006

Antradienis (that's Lithuanian for Tuesday)

In Lisa Wiseman's NYT puzzle (a debut?), I knew EIGHT DAYS A WEEK and ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, but TWELFTH OF NEVER scarcely rang a bell at all. According to Professor Google, it's a song—a song that's been recorded by everyone from Elvis Presley and Johnny Mathis, to Nina Simone and Keith Urban. Live and learn...

In the Sun, Ogden Porter/Peter Gordon dishes up "As Easy as AAA, BBB, CCC." I didn't watch "Honeymooners" reruns when I was a kid, and I never had any idea that "To the moon, Alice!" was customarily preceded by BANG ZOOM. Live and learn...

CS 4:19
NYS 3:54
LAT 3:25
NYT 2:55
Newsday 2:37 (on paper)