February 26, 2006

Moandei (it's Frisian week)

Somebody help me out, will you? In Ed Early's Monday NYT, those vertical 15's don't pertain to the theme, do they? They're just there to make for an impressive Monday grid? (And to balance out the HEAVEN mention with a little HELL? The mainstream media aim to present both sides of an issue, after all.) I wonder if OVER THE MOON was considered for the theme but jettisoned in favor of using the vertical 15's. Now, usually a Monday NYT will take me less than 3 minutes; this one took me a relatively long time because the SE corner chewed me up. I opted for TO TASTE rather than TO ORDER, and the A then led me to ETA instead of ARR, and it took a while to untangle that mess.


Newbie Jeremy Horwitz launches Oscar week in the Sun with "Reel Disappointment." The theme entries are past Oscar-nominated movies that were shut out on awards night. Looking forward to more from you, Jeremy! (And it was nice to meet you at Sundance.)

NYT 3:39
CS 3:24
NYS 3:22
LAT 2:47
Newsday 2:23 (on paper)