February 19, 2006

Jelhune (that's Manx for Monday)

Doug Peterson's NYT gives me a hankering for Mexican food, and it was a fun solve. One of the better Monday puzzles in recent weeks, with a meaty theme and good fill, like BUD SELIG, YES OR NO, MR DEEDS, LOVE crossing LORN, BALI crossing GUAM, and ECOLE crossing ECOLI.

Anyone know if President's Day is a New York Sun crossword holiday? Answer: Yes, it is, but Tuesday through Friday's puzzles are posted already.

LAT 3:49
CS 3:20
Newsday 2:49
NYT 2:44
NYS n/a

As of 5:20 on Sunday, I've done a whopping three extra puzzles on paper today (including the Starbucks contest puzzle by Patrick Berry)