February 26, 2006

Starbucks contest puzzle #2

I just finished the second puzzle for the Starbucks crossword contest, constructed by Patrick Berry and edited by Will Shortz. This one has the trivia question in an acrostic you fill in (no thinking required in that step) after you solve the crossword.

My neighborhood Starbucks store is performing pretty well—they had the puzzle last weekend (albeit not bundled with the Sunday paper), and this morning they were happy to give my husband a copy of puzzle #2 without a newspaper purchase. (Hey, I give the NYT plenty of money as it is. I pay for the Premium Puzzles service, and a friend gave me a gift subscription to TimesSelect.) I hope the rest of you were able to pick up the puzzle yourselves. If you're desperate, e-mail me at orangecru-blog [at] yahoo [•] com and I'll send you a low-res scanned .pdf of the puzzle. It doesn't print out crystal clear, but it's decent.