February 11, 2006


Manny Nosowsky's "Ladies' Finishing School" has an unusual theme—feminine suffixes tacked onto words to rework the phrases. For example, "mass hysteria" becomes MASSEUSE HYSTERIA, clued as "Rubber mania?" My favorite clue: "Class of planes?" for GEOMETRY. Plenty of good entries, such as AUTOBAHN, SAY UNCLE, and SHRUB and SCRUB. And...I haven't got much to say, but I did enjoy the puzzle.


Today's CrosSynergy Sunday Challenge by Randolph Ross is pretty good—check it out. And the Newsday Sunday puzzle, Fred Piscop's "Pasta Salad," either quizzes you on or expands your knowledge of the Italian meaning of assorted pasta names

NYT 9:24
LAT 7:26
Newsday 6:38 (on paper)
CS 4:28