August 21, 2005

Ah, crap

Why is it that when I have a typo in one of the long entries, I fail to notice it? I left an incorrect letter in puzzle 1 at Stamford because I never read that particular long answer in its entirety. And today, I finished the Monday puzzle in 3:00 and then reread every short across answer for the next 1:28, before I finally saw Mao TSS-Tung crossing CAINSMUTINY. Argh! A typo will always abash me.

I do like Monica's concept of being able to submit an imperfect solution to the applet and getting points deducted as needed. Added motivation to avoid making the mistakes in the first place, right? And getting punished for making mistakes would be excellent training for Stamford, rather than getting as many chances as you want (the ever-popular Try Every Letter Till One Sticks approach). They don't seem to give out many extra chances at Stamford.

By the way, y'all are always welcome to comment on anything here. You can talk about puzzles I didn't mention, you can disagree with me, you can tell me how clever I am. The comments lounge is always open.