August 08, 2005

The Tuesday NYT and NYS, with plenty of spoilers

My good friend Vic Fleming devised the Tuesday NYT, which is chockablock with goodies like FENGSHUI, Warhol's SOUPCAN, QUIETUDE, NIPSEY Russell (Nipsey!), and "business that makes a lot of dough" as a clue for BAKERY. And the theme? It was a little corny. (Ba dump!)

David Sullivan, who I believe is the Dave we know as "evadnavillus" at the NYT forum, provides a nice Tuesday NYS outing. I don't know if it's Dave or Peter Gordon who's responsible for this gem: EXLAX, clued as "it's often taken to go." Toss in SEXED, and this is not your father's Oldsmobile. I also liked ACTV—it feels like I've seen ACTI, ACTII, ACTIII, and ACTIV before, but not ACTV—a fresh and altogether tragic entry (well, unless there's a comedy in the clue). Dave included THROE as well, which has been popping up a lot lately and always reminds me of Rumsfeld's line about a "calm last throe."

NYT 4:12
NYS 4:11