August 13, 2005

Blogger ate my post

Okay, I just lost the post I wrote. Dagnabbit! Let's see. What did I write? We'll do the short form.

Patrick Jordan's WaPo puzzle hid its theme from me until I finally reached the explanatory entry, at which point I admired the theme. Nice job, Patrick! The puzzle actually felt kinda tough.

Bob Peoples' NYT uses my favorite basic grid design: triple-stacked 9- to 11-letter entries in two corners. And my favorite crossword style: themeless, with colorful entries that seldom show up in crosswords, and interesting/clever clues. Highlights of the Peoples include PT CRUISER, AUTO SHOWS, MAKINGS, HDTV SET, I CANT GO ON, INEXACTSCIENCES, and AT WITS END (clued with "buffaloed").

Mark Milhet's LAT offered a lot of goodies, too: SQUAWK, RAT POISON, A BRONX TALE, MISBEHAVIN, ON THE DL, NO SENSE, and BEAN SALAD.

If you quake with fear when Saturday rolls around, take heart: the Creators Syndicate Saturday Stumper felt like a Wednesday puzzle, and the CrosSynergy felt like a Monday. If that's more your speed than a monster themeless, have at it.

And Stan Newman, if you're listening: We want more Saturday Stumpers that make us really struggle for toeholds but still let us emerge triumphant. (Tricky clues with more wordplay a plus.)

NYT 6:44
LAT 5:02
Creators 3:43
CS 3:01