August 19, 2005

Word pairs

That pesky puzzle with the dropped GG theme put me in mind of a variation. But actually trying to force a bunch of entries into a puzzle and having to come up with reasonable clues seems like too much of a hassle. So instead, let me dispose of them here. Feel free to guess the answers in the comments, and—of course—contribute your own. (No need to thank me for not making a crappy crossword with these phrases in it. I fully realize how lame the resultant puzzle would have been.)

The concept is pairs of words in which they both have the same letters in the same order, except that one of the two also has a double T inside. For example, "Reverberation caused by doing The Bump" = BOTTOM BOOM. The shorter word may appear first or second. Herewith, the clues:

Amended Amstel
Mash note from an ogler
Herd's words to live by
Warfare in the barn
How you won the W.C.
Hosed dandelion
Sound from a particularly mulish mule
Unsavory dish
Hunting dog's psychic
McJob wages
A mouse too cute for an owl to eat

Okay, what have you got for us?