August 18, 2005

Today's LAT is by Vic Fleming, who must have let his mind wander in the drugstore when passing through the foot care and cosmetics aisles. EYE_ BROW_ PENCIL_ leads to...ARCH SUPPORT? First I was amused; then I groaned at the pun. Vic, Vic, Vic. I know I'm a repeat offender myself, but: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Co Crocker posted Stanley Newman's "Tough Stuff" puzzle from the American Airlines in-flight magazine. Maybe the clues don't feature tricky wordplay, but there was some ambiguity (like "nursery item" for MISTER rather than, say, DIAPERGENIE). And it's a themeless 21x21! Now, I'd like to see more large themelesses at a Friday Sun/Saturday NYT level. Stan's puzzle didn't take me any longer than a typical Sunday themed puzzle (and fell faster than many). Frank Longo does those 21x27's (I think that's the size) in Games World of Puzzles, but they're not at a Saturday NYT difficulty level. Anyone know of a source for oversized challenging themeless crosswords?

American 8:40
LAT 4:20
CS 3:12
Newsday 2:50