August 15, 2005

Lite Monday

As Popeye aptly explained over in the NYT crossword forum, there's not much to be said about those easy Monday puzzles after the weekend glut of meaty puzzles. I did these four, and I liked them all just fine for Monday puzzles. But you know, it's just fine that today's puzzles were quick and easy, because it freed up my schedule for receiving the following birthday presents:

Marc Romano's Crossworld
Francis Heaney's Holy Tango of Literature (the author constructs crosswords, and the book involves anagrams, baby!)
Sniderman, Disch, and Hook's Classic Word Puzzles
Stanley Newman's Stan's Cranium Crackers (contributors include Newman, Quigley, Nosowsky, Piscop, Hook, and Payne)
NYS Crosswords, #1 (with star ratings indicating the original day of publication—hooray for 5-star Fridays!)
Peter Gordon's Harder Wednesday Crosswords (because I already finished the Friday and Thursday books)
Will Shortz's Funniest Crossword Puzzles

Yes, I will be busy...

CS 3:31
NYT 2:53
NYS 2:55
LAT 2:48