August 03, 2005

Who likes the Chronicle of Higher Education? I do

I haven't been doing the CHE puzzles, which are standard 15x15 crosswords published on Fridays, and made available online on a 3-week delay. There's enough scholarly content in the puzzles that you feel especially learned when you finish them (regardless of whether you merely got the long entries through the crossings). Patrick Berry does a fantastic job editing the puzzles so that they all hit the same smart level, roughly on a par with Thursday to Friday NYTs, and have an academic slant (entries like TAS and DORM pop up).

I just tackled the puzzles from May 20 through July 8, and enjoyed them all. Sarah Keller's June 10 was my favorite. Looking at it, I can't pin down exactly what I found so very enjoyable—just trust me, it's a fun puzzle. The hardest one—for me, anyway—was the July 8 puzzle by Jeffrey Harris.

Not sure where to find these puzzles? Check the Puzzle Pointers link in the sidebar. (Muchas Dank, vielen merci, and beaucoup gracias to Will Johnston for maintaining Puzzle Pointers. Will, you make it so much easier for us to feed our crossword jones!)