August 30, 2005

Triple-stacked 27s on the loose

The brand-spanking-new issue of Games World of Puzzles (Nov. 2005) contains a 21x27 Jumbo Crossword by Frank Longo, as usual. The twist this time is that there's a triple stack of 27-letter entries going down the middle of the grid. It's not that difficult to solve, but imagine how long it must have taken to construct! Crikey. I do want to whine just a little that the magazine always targets the Jumbo at a two-star level of difficulty—I'd love a magazine full of three- and four-star puzzles. (And yes, I have written to them to beg for harder puzzles.)

Other familiar bylines in this issue include Manny Nosowsky (17x17 with a beautiful grid), Mike Shenk (Spell Weaving), Vic Fleming (15x15), funny fellow blogger Francis Heaney (The Spiral), Bruce Venzke and Stella Daily (21x21), Patrick Berry (cryptic variety), Hex (cryptic), and Matt Jones (the Matchmakers contest—hey, you could win $500!). Now, doesn't that sound like fun?

If you don't subscribe, get thee and $3.95 (or $5.35 Canadian) to a bookstore!